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Can someone help me,  I'm new to this, i have installed winter board and no lockscreen ui, cleanup, but when I press the re spring button it goes back to the regular lock screen, there is no way that I can change the lock screen on the ipad 2, I've been trying with all of the themes from d3stroy but none of them work, am I doing something wrong?
is there another update? hasn't been working since yesterday
Ello love your lockscreens but the yahoo updates have changed so i think you need to update your location.js code.

the lads have a fix for the widgets on here available if you look at the first post under IMPORTANT for the location.js link.

This Might be something worth Looking into, something in iOS 6 change and affected the way html widgets update. There is a fix post here: [link]

the Link is an issue with setTimeout Fuction for java in iOS6
Hello, i can not get any of these widgets to show the weather because it uses WOEID and not a single WOEID for anything in NY or NY in general will work. just states 'NO CONNECTION' is their code i can alter in ifile so it uses a simple zip code! like the HTC lockscreens use, those always find my location i just input my zip code. Thanks!
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